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European Climate Pact

Peer Parliaments documents

Do you have ideas on how to tackle climate change and want to discuss these in your communities? The Climate Pact’s “Peer Parliaments” provide the tools to do so!


Publication date
26 November 2021
Directorate-General for Climate Action


Europe’s future climate policies will only succeed if we design them for people and with people. As part of the European Climate Pact, we are inviting you to hold your own “Peer Parliament” with a small circle of friends, family, neighbours or colleagues, and discuss key topics from the perspective of your everyday life:

  • How we move and get around (sustainable mobility)

  • How we make energy green and fair (sustainable energy)

  • How we eat and consume (sustainable consumption)

We’ll provide you with all the guidance and materials you need. To host a Peer Parliament, just follow these three steps:

  1. As a Peer Parliament host, invite a group of 5-10 interested people for an informal get-together. You can choose any place that you find suitable.

  2. Send the learning materials to your guests prior to the event and run the Peer Parliament. During the debate, you act as the moderator. You can download the available materials here.

  3. After the debate, vote on the preferred solutions. Don’t forget to share the results of your discussion on social media using the hashtags #EUClimatePact and #PeerParliaments.

Beside the facilitation guide and the learning materials, we provide a brochure that you can use to promote the Peer Parliaments. All documents can be downloaded in English and in all other official EU languages.

Peer Parliaments across Europe

From November 2021 to March 2022, European citizens conducted a total of 461 Peer Parliaments across 26 EU Member States. Small groups of 5-10 individuals brainstormed ideas and solutions for some of Europe’s biggest climate and environmental questions, all from the comfort of their own homes, as well as from workplaces and classrooms from across the continent. 

Afterwards, Peer Parliament hosts shared their findings with the European Commission, ensuring that EU policymakers heard the voices of citizens, and all ideas were fed into the Conference on the Future of Europe – an opportunity for European citizens to debate on Europe’s challenges and priorities, which concluded on 9 May 2022. Are you interested in what was discussed at the Peer Parliament sessions? Download the full report hereby.

For any further questions, please contact us via


17 DECEMBER 2021
Learning Material on Mobility - Module 1
(1.46 MB - PDF)
Learning Material on Energy - Module 2
(1.66 MB - PDF)
21 DECEMBER 2021
Learning Material on Consumption - Module 3
(1.42 MB - PDF)
26 NOVEMBER 2021
Peer Parliaments – Facilitation guide
(604.21 KB - PDF)
26 NOVEMBER 2021
Peer Parliaments – Promotion brochure
(316.79 KB - PDF)
30 MAY 2022
Peer Parliaments Final Report
(1.57 MB - PDF)