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European Climate Pact
#MyEUClimatePact Challenge

Take a step towards a ‘1.5°C lifestyle’ by accepting the #MyEUClimatePact Challenge!

The Climate Pact supports your passion for making a difference. The more of us that get involved, the more impact we can have. Everyone is welcome to join the Climate Pact – from seasoned sustainability advocates to those who are taking their first steps.

Young people are at the heart of climate action, engaging in a variety of ways, such as through street demonstrations and local beach clean-ups. Learn how you can get involved in the Pact, either as a young person or as a youth organisation.

Generation Climate: at the forefront of change

The future of our planet is in young people’s hands – and many are already taking action. Young people are finding their voice and demanding more climate action from decision-makers across Europe. Read more

Youth Organisations and the Pact

Do you represent a youth organisation? We want to work with you.

Young Ambassadors in action

young Ambassadors engaged in Pact’s activities
countries represented across Europe

I joined the Climate Pact at a time when eco-anxiety was over me, making me believe that my climate advocacy wasn't having any impact. This has definitely changed in my time as an Ambassador, thanks to the opportunities I've had to engage in initiatives of all kinds, to network with change-makers from all over Europe, and to have productive conversations with policymakers. After spending many years in the climate bubble, I am thrilled to be witnessing a new movement be born and gain momentum thanks to our Ambassadors' dedication and the Climate Pact's support.

Lidia Martin, Pact Ambassador in Spain
Ambassador Lidia Martin

Young people are at the core of tackling climate change. This is an intergenerational issue, and one which no single generation can solve. We need action now, with the voices of young people being heard by those in charge.

Beth Doherty, Pact Ambassador in Ireland
Beth Doherty

Tools to learn and act

Talk to others about climate change

How do you convince someone get involved? Use this toolkit to support your efforts in communicating climate action to your community.

Our Planet, Our Future

Learn about the science of climate change, the solutions being proposed across the EU and how we can all do our bit to fight climate change.