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European Climate Pact

Take individual action

All Europeans can take practical, everyday steps to live more sustainably and reduce their carbon footprint.

Mobile phone showing the AWorld app challenge

Take action for the climate

The European Climate Pact has joined forces with ACT NOW, the United Nations campaign and AWorld, the mobile app to inspire people to take climate action.

What actions can I take?

Anyone can use the AWorld app to reduce their carbon footprint through daily activities and take measurable steps towards the Sustainable Development Goals. The app allows you to track actions such as walking and cycling, reducing food waste, insulating your home, and talking to friends to raise awareness about climate change.

Individuals, communities, and organisations can check the environmental impact of their activities, such as how much CO2, water and electricity they have saved, and understand their carbon footprint. They can also use the app to encourage others to get involved and reach carbon-saving targets together through group challenges, educational journeys and quizzes.

    The European Climate Pact challenge for a greener tomorrow

    Climate actions
    12 weeks
    31 Jan – 22 April 2024
    AWorld challenge participants

    How can I join the European Climate Pact Team on AWorld?

    1. Scan the AWorld app’s QR code below and download the app (it’s free)
    2. Create your profile
    3. Go to the community section
    4. Look for the European Climate Pact Team in the search bar
    5. Join the ​​​​team and start recording your actions!

    Download the app

    Download the AWorld mobile app using the QR code:

    QR code to download the AWorld app

    Where can I find more information? 

    For more information and visuals to help you take part in the challenge, see our welcome slide deck below.

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