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European Climate Pact

Green transport

Our transport choices have a major impact on our carbon footprint.

We can make our cities cleaner, and our jobs greener, by implementing innovative and digital solutions for public transport, cycling, walking and other forms of clean mobility.

A massive transformation is already underway. Many European cities are implementing simpler, safer, healthier and cheaper solutions to fossil-burning vehicles, such as sharing electric vehicles, bicycles and e-bikes, green buses and trains, and even laying hundreds of kilometres of new cycling lanes.

Let’s also remember that distances can be much more significant in rural areas than in cities and towns. We need to find innovative solutions that leave no-one and no place behind.

We all need to move around efficiently – we can do so while improving our health and environment!

What will the Pact do?

  • Showcase and support the many options we have for getting around efficiently and in healthier, less polluting ways
  • Link up with other initiatives to boost action and impact
  • Be the meeting point for city or regional pledges for greener transport

Got a great idea?

Take action or contact us!

European initiatives

Network of cities for cities dedicated to cleaner, better transport in Europe and beyond.
Green Driving Tool
A citizen science initiative to help reduce CO₂ emissions and fuel consumption.
DiscoverEU offers young people an opportunity to discover Europe, favouring travelling by rail.
The Green Trip
15 local influencers uncover inspiring and innovative green initiatives in 5 European countries.

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