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European Climate Pact
News article12 July 2021

The Climate Pact Day of Action inspires pledges for our planet

The Climate Pact Day of Action inspires pledges for our planet

On 29 June, over 1,400 people signed up for the Climate Pact Day of Action to discover what we can do in our own worlds, whether that be at home, at work or in school, or in the wider community to help protect our planet.  

The event, which featured speakers from the world of politics, media, climate activism, science and more, demonstrated how you can make a ‘pledge’ – or a commitment to take action – which is at the heart of the Climate Pact.  

This could be the commitment to eat vegetarian food one day every week in order to reduce the emissions involved in a meat-based diet, to learn how to make dishwasher tablets at home in order to reduce plastic waste, or to move your savings to a bank that doesn’t invest in fossil fuels-related projects.  

Each of us, in our daily lives, have to take action. It’s not a question of moving
responsibilities from companies or governments – they have their own role.
But each of us, as citizens, have not only the responsibilities but also the power
to change things.

  • Clara De La Torre, Deputy Director-General of the Directorate General for Climate Action, European Commission 

This is something that everybody can contribute to. Everybody can do something.
Even the smallest step helps us go in the right direction…
You need global action which needs to be translated into concrete steps by
every individual human being.

  • Frans Timmermans, Executive Vice President for the European Green Deal 

Celebrities, including La Casa de Papel’s Itziar Ituño, musicians Fink and Mentrix, composer Ellie Wyatt, writer and researcher Mike Berners-Lee, and UEFA EURO 2024 Tournament Director Philipp Lahm, also declared their support by making personal pledges during the event.  

The Slovak President, Zuzana Čaputová, also pledged to help foster and strengthen new climate leaders to enhance and guide climate action as Europe looks towards its 2050 net-zero carbon goal. 

Record-setting climate action 

The Climate Pact is also contributing to a Guinness World Record attempt for the highest number of climate pledges recorded in one month.  

The good news is that you can still get involved! We need a total of 141,000 pledges by mid-July to break that record, and if you make a pledge before then it will be automatically counted as part of this effort. 

So think about the action that you’d like to commit to, make a pledge, and help us make climate history!  

Climate change is complex and can be overwhelming, but once you start
addressing it you realise that, ironically, global transformation is deeply personal.
It starts with each one of us. With every single one of you. Can we count you in? 

  • Christiana Figueres, Founding Partner of Global Optimism, former Executive Secretary of the UNFCCC (2010-2016) 


Organisations join the drive to go green  

The Day of Action also saw the launch of the option to pledge as an organisation. From multinational businesses to SMEs, schools, cities, charities and more, organisations and groups can now pledge to make a positive difference.  

The range of possible pledges is varied, covering climate change, environmental degradation and sustainability more broadly. They can relate to the way organisations or groups operate, produce, communicate or motivate citizens, employees, customers or stakeholders to take action.  

The Day of Action introduced pledges from companies ranging from global giant Facebook to independent record label Ninja Tunes and from towns, universities, trade unions and industry associations from different parts of Europe. 

Any organisation or group can make a pledge, whether they are just getting started or are already active and want to do more.  

The Climate Pact celebrates 500 Ambassador milestone 

The Climate Pact Day of Action coincided with the 500th Ambassador joining the Climate Pact. The Ambassadors used the event to share stories and examples of the action they’re taking – from direct changes to their daily routine, through to raising awareness of climate change at local, national and European levels.  

The Climate Pact continues to gather momentum, so if you’re interested in helping us to grow the community, consider becoming a Climate Pact Ambassador and share your story. 

Change in your community 

Local events took place in countries across Europe during the Climate Pact Day of Action, and more will follow in the coming months. Check our calendar for more information on events happening near you, or browse the profiles of our Ambassadors to find people making change happen in your country. 

Couldn’t attend the Climate Pact Day of Action? Don’t worry, you can still join us! 

You’re just one step away from pledging to make a difference. You can also catch up with the event through a range of videos and other materials, all of which are available online.  



Publication date
12 July 2021