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European Climate Pact
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Pathway pledges

Carbon Emissions (or CO2e)

We pledge to continue to work with all our available resources to ensure that all goods and services receive their realistic and transparent climate price. We will:
- deliver a petition to the three instances of the EU in the coming year 2022, in which about 10,000 EU citizens demand that all goods and services receive a separate emissions price tag indicating the amount of CO2.
- offer a postcard campaign to Frans Timmermans, EU Climate Action Commissioner, from November 2021 to March 2022, in which up to 1,000 citizens can participate to demand the implementation of the ECO as a realistic and transparent climate price.
- offer several information events on ECO in 2022.
- hold several actions in pedestrian zones in 2022 to inform about the carbon footprint.

All Germans currently have an average consumption of CO2 emissions of 9.7 tons per year. To meet the Paris climate targets, we need to get below 2 tons/year. We won't be able to achieve this by individual renunciation alone. Savings potential is limited because we've no climate-friendly alternatives for consumption. We want to change this by creating transparency about the ecological footprint of every product. Only if we know the realistic climate price, we can change consumption behaviour.

SaveClimate.Earth is a climate protection initiative that is committed to ensuring that all things we consume receive their realistic and transparent climate price. We want to achieve that all goods and services are priced with a separate emission price tag in the CO2e currency "ECO" (Earth Carbon Obligation). The ECO indicates the amount of CO2e produced during the entire value creation process. This climate price is paid with the personal CO2 budget, which is available to all citizens in the same amount as a free basic ecological income. This newfound transparency enables consumers to compare products in terms of their climate impact and proactively choose the more climate-friendly option. This concept could initiate a systemic change for our economy and society and shape the future of climate policy. This is because this whole-of-society approach places the responsibility for climate protection completely in the hands of all consumers. It is more effective, more socially responsible and fairer than the CO2 tax and the EU ETS, which are designed to make climate-damaging consumption unattractive by making it more expensive. However, this does not necessarily lead to consumers receiving a quantitative statement regarding greenhouse gases and, moreover, it means a disproportionate burden for low-income earners.

With our contribution, we want to achieve that a system is established that gives every citizen the greatest possible freedom in how he integrates climate protection into his life and still ensures that the Paris climate targets are met. The ECO is the only instrument for recording greenhouse gases that provides a complete picture of them, presents them as a total and accounts for them fairly. We thus offer politicians and the general public a social, fair and transparent accounting system for CO2e emissions that can be used to meet
the emissions targets.

We therefore promise to use all our resources to engage in discussions with political representatives, both at local level and nationwide, and within the European Parliament. Likewise also for discussions with the civil society, in order to clear up over the advantages of this climatic gas currency ECO. For the implementation, we will continue to fund ourselves exclusively from our own resources, or through donations and public funding.

I, Angela Hanson, also promise to continue to make my entire working power available to the association on a 100% voluntary basis.

Status date: Progress updated (06/11/2022)

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