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European Climate Pact
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At Accidental European we pledge to increase the public's knowledge of the EU’s climate goals through our publication methodology of inform, inspire and include. We will create a dedicated EU Green Deal Series Page on our website, where we will publish accessible articles from experts and academics regarding the just transition to a green EU. We pledge to inform the public, inspire new policies and create content to include the diverse peoples of the EU in the eco-friendly process.

We currently have 11 published articles which relate to the European green deal, from food security, to mobility, to sustainable finance and more. By Feb. 2022, we predict to have added five more articles to the Series. In addition, on our social media, we published a #AEInform #EuropeanGreenDeal series with nine posts, each describing a regulation in the Green Deal. New posts will be added in correlation with the published articles. Currently, we are building a new website, including a section for a European Green Deal Series page, which will host all of the articles relating to the subject, in English and French. We aim to have this go live by Nov. 30. We will provide the correct URL when it is live.

Our founder created AE to fill the gaps in the policymaking process, to translate EU policies into accessible content and better connect the public with the policies that shape their lives. The EU’s Green Deal is a significant part of its current and future policies and through our online content we aim to further foster collective intelligence on the subject.

Status date: Completed (09/11/2022)

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