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European Climate Pact






General Information

Our adventure began around 1950 when Antonio Agresta planted the first olive trees and from generation to generation (we are in the fourth). For 70 years, we have dedicated ourselves with care and passion to the production of extra virgin olive oil. Our project is a commitment to protect the agricultural biodiversity of our hilly area, a bulwark of an agriculture that can prove to be varied and prolific, provided it follows the rhythm of the seasons.


Sustainability Mission

We are strongly committed to make our land and farm more and more circular. We cultivate olive trees and produce olive oil and we are planting dozens of trees for biodiversity aim.


Pathway pledges


• By the Spring of 2023 we will plant almost 20 trees of different varieties. We will also within autumn plant flowers and bushes of red fruits to implement biodiversity preservation.

• Open our farms and gardens to schools and anyone interested to create awareness around climate change and draw engagement on climate action. This is also aimed at inspiring the youth to explore and potentially adopt sustainable agriculture and preserve biodiversity.

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