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European Climate Pact
non-profit organisation

International Youth for Climate Action (IAYC) 






General Information

The informal group constitutes of various youth ambassadors including international students, volunteers, youth and climate activists, mentors of the youth network and young professionals.



Our actions – the Pathway

Increase internal and external sustainability activities of the organization in the following ways

  • Reduce the number of flights and single car rides by 5% each year
  • Support the iIncrease of renewable sources in the energy mix (if possible): the plan is to rely on energy providers that offer renewable energy, this is possible in several EU countries, but the providers are different, so it varies depending on the location of the member
  • Invest in reforestation projects, possibly linked to biodiversity conservation: there are several initiatives through which the members can send funds to reforestation projects, the amount will be up to each single member, the location targeted is EU territory, possibility the Member State in which each member is resident
  • Actively take part to local climate action initiatives: initiatives can be of different nature, like fundraisings, communication campaigns or strikes.
  • Reach at least 30 people, singularly or during events, and speak about the EU Climate Pact, providing detailed and accurate information as well as showcasing its benefits and directing them to the proper sources
  • Identify at least 2 individuals that could become great EU Climate Pact Ambassadors based on outreach and leadership potential as well as interest in the subject and providing them the necessary guidance to join this initiative

Status date: Submitted (28/02/2023)

Data source: Self-reported