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European Climate Pact
Pact Ambassador for Spain

María Antonia Izquierdo Caballero

María Antonia Izquierdo Caballero
Thematic areas
  • circular economy / sustainable consumption
  • climate education & awareness raising
  • green areas: flora, biodiversity
  • sustainable transport
  • Spain



Born in Valencia, adopted by Paris and with Prague in my heart. Creative civil engineer, engaged public servant and everyday 20km bike commuter. I feel that a lot of uninformed, closed and/or sceptic minds need to be approached and communicated with in a positive and "non washing" way to send the right messages and receive back their doubts and hesitations. I would like to build upon my international and local experience to share and shape new forms of changing our daily habits at home and in particular on professional and local policy levels. I am a person open for discussion and compromises but with strong commitment to obtaining results. Therefore I wish to dedicate my energy, knowledge and networking resources to educate, train and bring arguments to the target group I am able to reach out within the Pact Ambassadors assignment.