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European Climate Pact
Pact Ambassador for Estonia

Hanah Lahe

Hanah Lahe
Thematic areas
  • circular economy / sustainable consumption
  • climate education & awareness raising
  • energy
  • green areas: flora, biodiversity
  • green buildings, renovation wave
  • green skills
  • just transition
  • oceans and other water-related
  • sustainable food
  • sustainable transport
  • zero pollution
  • Estonia



I am a political activist and the youngest MP in Estonia. Environment and nature have been close to my heart all my life. I am convinced that solving and mitigating the climate crisis starts with policy. We need more political courage in this world to drive change!

In my role as a Climate Pact Ambassador, I wish to bring a focus on climate education and climate policy in order that, especially young people gain more awareness on how policy can shape the future.

I clearly see the polarisation between climate activists and politicians. For this I am dedicated to building a bridge so we can finally start to work together as one and not oppose to each other.

Endless economic growth, treating nature just as a resource, and living at the expense of future generations cannot continue – every year we set a new record of pushing the planetary boundaries. I stand for an ambitious and internationally enforceable climate policy, ensuring a sustainable life for present and future generations.