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European Climate Pact
Pact Ambassador for Hungary

György Laki

György Laki
Thematic areas
  • climate education & awareness raising
  • green areas: flora, biodiversity
  • sustainable food
  • Hungary



I am the mayor of the community Kajarpec and the vice president of the organisation Hungarian Climate Alliance. I will organise a course is my community about climate change. In this course the presenter will be an environmental activist who is well known in Hungary.

I will organise a community cleaning day in a spring. On this day with the NGO-s of the community and with the children and parents of the school and kindergarten we will clean up the village and the surrounding aeras. On this day we will plant trees as well.

I will organise a theatrical performance about Climate Change. The Drama Group Kajárpéci Vizirevű will perform the show "The tears of the jungle"

I will organise a hiking trip in the surrounding hills to the so called "Six oak" tree. On this trip, I will point out the already visible changes in the forest and explain the connection between climate change and the deterioraton of the forest.