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European Climate Pact
European Climate Pact Ambassador in Slovak Republic

Zuzana Púčiková

Zuzana Púčiková
Thematic areas
  • climate education & awareness raising
  • sustainable transport
  • Slovakia



To mitigate a climate emergency, we must urgently tackle transport which - while not the largest polluter - is the only sector with a growing carbon footprint in the EU. Electric vehicles (EVs), along with public transport and active mobility, will help us get there.

But EVs are still not widely used or available today due to the high upfront cost and the lack of charging infrastructure. Also, if all vehicles were replaced by EVs today, the energy grids couldn't cope with the extra electricity demand. 

Smart EV charging can help overcome these current challenges and tackle future ones, e.g. through:

  • balanced management of charging and energy distribution when multiple vehicles charge at the same time; 
  • better management of the grid usage, capacity and costs associated with energy use at different times of the day; or
  • integration of renewable energy sources for charging of vehicles.

I represent EVBox which has pioneered smart EV charging solutions since 2010. In my role as Director Policy Europe, I pledge to continue engaging constructively with the EV ecosystem, civil society and decision-makers to accelerate the adoption of e-mobility as part of a multimodal transport system to enable a zero-emission future.