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European Climate Pact
European Climate Pact Ambassador in Italy

Silvia Beccari

Silvia Beccari
Thematic areas
  • climate education & awareness raising
  • energy
  • green areas: flora, biodiversity
  • green skills
  • sustainable food
  • Italy



I'm a philosopher and I decided to take action against climate change starting with school students. My projects aim to make young students (ages 12-13) aware of the strong power they have in taking action against climate change, influencing parents and friends. I started from two schools in Abruzzo, Italy, but I want my project to be an example to others. 

Some years ago, I also started working with the University of Ferrara on Circular Economy projects, in order to find the best way to communicate how to change the process of industrialization into a new approach, eco-design for example. The entrepreneurs do not immediately understand how useful it is to reduce gas emissions, reduce waste, etc... until they connect it to the advantage that being carbon-free is directly linked to better living, a better future for us all, and also an increased value of the brand.

University Researchers are a unique and rich source of information that can be applied with success to solve the problems of the companies. Together they are a great team to face the new challenges of this ecological transition and not only.