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European Climate Pact
European Climate Pact Ambassador in Italy

Morten Thorsby

Morten Thorsby
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I am a professional footballer for Genoa C.F.C. and the Norwegian National Team. I'm also the creator and founder of We Play Green (2020), a player movement made to speed up the Green Shift.

The Green Shift is possible and urgently needed, but it is short on public support. I firmly believe that football can help save the planet and mankind since it is the world's largest social phenomenon, and football players are the world's most influential people.

Therefore, with my organisation, I aim to create a movement that mobilises the 5 billion-strong football family, from grassroots to players, clubs to communities, businesses to institutions, and decision-makers. Together, we can be on the winning side of the most important game on the planet - making the Green Shift happen.