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European Climate Pact

Success stories

To avoid the worst impacts of the climate crisis, we need to limit global temperature rise to 1.5°C. Meet the people whose actions are making a difference.

Sofie Winge-Petersen

Putting pressure on policymakers to take climate action is crucial. At 23, European Climate Pact Ambassador Sofie Winge-Petersen, from Denmark, is part of a young, environmentally aware generation doing just that. An innovation engineering student, a social entrepreneur, and a born problem-solver, Sofie is showing us how targeted solutions, together with effective grassroots organisation, can make a real difference – and how the European Climate Pact can support these ambitions.

Anna Desogus

Anna began her career by pursuing a childhood dream: working in London as a manager for classical musicians. However, after a decade working in the industry, Anna decided to change her career to address some of the climate-related challenges she had witnessed in her role and make a difference to the environment. “That kind of lifestyle means you’re flying non-stop,” she says.

Sébastien Lahaye

Rising temperatures as a result of climate change have sparked an increase in wildfires across Europe, igniting a burning crisis that threatens homes, communities and lives. French firefighter and European Climate Pact Ambassador Sébastien Lahaye believes that part of the solution lies not in Europe, but in the Australian Outback. Learning the fire prevention techniques of Indigenous Australians, Sébastien has made it his mission to spread the message about how we use and manage land, so that the frequency and severity of wildfires in France and across Europe can be reduced.

Frank Deboosere

When Frank Deboosere began delivering weather forecasts to millions of Belgians in the 1980s, he didn’t know he was setting out on a path that would lead to him becoming a pioneer of climate action. Today, he volunteers as an Ambassador of the European Climate Pact, fusing his scientific knowledge of meteorology with his popularity to motivate Belgians to get on their bikes, improve their health and wellbeing, and help prevent the impending storm of climate change.