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European Climate Pact
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Guidance on How to Run a Youth Dialogue at Local, Regional or National Level

This guide helps you to organize a Youth Climate Pact Dialogue on any political level including lessons learnt.


Publication date
18 October 2022
Directorate-General for Climate Action
I am a(n)
Young person
I want to know how to
Inspire others to take climate actionTake climate action in my everyday life
I am interested in
Climate scienceYouth engagement


The Youth Climate Pact Dialogue allows young people to engage in European decision-making by giving them an opportunity to co-create and participate in discussions with high-level officials from the European Commission. Through it, a group of young Climate Pact Ambassadors can voice their opinions and needs, ask questions, and discuss policy recommendations. This personal exchange between young people and European Commission officials is livestreamed, allowing people across Europe to participate and ask questions virtually.

A Youth Dialogue offers young people the opportunity to discuss current issues with politicians in person and can be adapted to any political level – local, regional, national or European level – for example, by organizing it with a city mayor, a minister, or a Member of the European Parliament.

This guidance will help you to organize and co-create a Youth Dialogue by sharing experience and giving insights on lessons learnt of previous Youth Climate Pact Dialogues.

Guidance on How to Run a Youth Dialogue at Local, Regional or National Level


18 OCTOBER 2022
Guidance on How to Run a Youth Dialogue
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