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Guidance on How to Organise a Youth Pact Challenge

What is a Youth Climate Pact Challenge and how can you organise one?


Publication date
3 August 2022
Directorate-General for Climate Action
I am a(n)
Young person
I want to know how to
Inspire others to take climate actionTake climate action in my everyday life
I am interested in
Climate scienceYouth engagement


The Youth Climate Pact Challenge was a chance for young people to make a difference and contribute to the green transition by connecting with others and co-creating innovative youth engagement project ideas in the field of climate action. For the European Climate Pact, an EU-wide initiative inviting people, communities and organizations in climate action and building a greener Europe under the auspices of the European Commission’s Directorate General Climate Action (DG CLIMA), we invited young people to submit project ideas from August to September 2021. Out of 47 entries, four projects were selected and presented to European Vice President Frans Timmermans. Find out more about the successful projects here.

A Youth Climate Pact Challenge is an easy and engaging way to get young people involved in climate action at local and regional level, to collect new and fresh ideas to solve climate-related issues, and to support young people in tackling challenges that are close to their hearts.

Guidance on How to Organise a Youth Pact Challenge


3 AUGUST 2022
Guidance on How to Organise a Youth Pact Challenge
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