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Factsheet - Europe's 2040 climate pathway

The factsheet provides an insightful overview of Europe’s climate goals specifically for the year 2040, answering how, what and why Europe plans to achieve climate neutrality.


Publication date
26 March 2024
European Commission
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European Commission's factsheet on Europe's 2040 climate pathway provides a detailed overview of Europe's climate goals and building blocks necessary to achieve 2040 climate target. The document provides actionable steps that support the EU's commitment to climate neutrality by 2050 and the implementation of the EU Climate Law and the Paris Agreement, exploring innovative solutions across various sectors, including energy, transportation, agriculture, and industry. While the concept of emissions reduction is not new, the specific context of Europe’s 2040 pathway introduces novel insights related to policy implementation, sector-specific strategies, and the urgency of action. It is a valuable resource for anyone seeking to understand Europe's climate goals and the steps they are taking to achieve them.

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Publication_Factsheet - Europe's 2040 climate pathway


26 MARCH 2024
Factsheet - Europe's 2040 climate pathway