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European Climate Pact

Leo Filipczak


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Leo Filipczak

As an experienced aviation professional who currently pursues a postgraduate diploma in air transport management, my focus as a European Climate Pact Ambassador lies with sustainable aviation.

While the aviation industry currently only makes up for around 3% of worldwide carbon emissions, it is one of the fastest-growing pollutant industries and, at the same time, challenging to decarbonise - partly because of technological barriers, but also because of severe economic pressure under which most of the industry, particularly airlines, find themselves.

As a European Climate Pact Ambassador, my aim is to work towards fostering a responsible dialogue amongst all industry stakeholders to identify opportunities that can lead to a decarbonised industry. To achieve this goal and meet our responsibilities as an industry presently heavily reliant on fossil fuels, innovative and ambitious solutions will have to be brought to the table. The good news: We have the means, now we only need to kickstart the change.