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Youth for a just transition – A toolkit for youth participation in the just transition fund

The toolkit offers support for your work to involve young people in the implementation of the Just Transition. It offers principles, best practices and strategies that can help maximise the meaningful participation of youth in the just transition.


Дата на публикуване
12 юли 2022
Европейска комисия


The Youth for just transition toolkit aims to encourage more ambitious, meaningful and numerous participation opportunities for youth in the regions targeted by the Just Transition Fund, as well as to ensure that the effects of such processes will lead to better-quality strategies and interventions addressing the challenges of the transition.  

This toolkit is addressed in particular to regional and local policy-makers responsible for implementation of the Just Transition Fund, as well as other stakeholders involved in the process. A special group of stakeholders in this context is the young people living in the transition regions, who could get inspired by the toolkit to actively advocate for their involvement in the JTF implementation. The toolkit can also be useful for other policies addressing the transition.

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12 ЮЛИ 2022
Youth for just transition toolkit
(18.48 MB - PDF)