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European Climate Pact

Take a step towards a ‘1.5°C lifestyle’ by accepting the #MyEUClimatePact Challenge!

It’s no secret that many of our everyday decisions, from the clothes we wear to the food we eat and the ways we travel, can harm the environment.

The good news is, identifying these negative impacts and building new habits can help us live more sustainably. 

Limiting global temperature rise to 1.5°C, the target set forth by the Paris Climate Agreement, will require everyone to make changes to their lifestyles. 

That’s why the European Climate Pact engages with young people and influencers from across the EU and encourages them to try out a new habit that’s in tune with a 1.5°C lifestyle. 

We’re calling it the #MyEUClimatePact Challenge – join the challenge on Instagram!

How to take part

Think about your everyday actions that negatively impact the environment. Do you shop online frequently? Eat a lot of hamburgers and chicken? Impulse-buy souvenirs that end up in the bin?

Try the 1.5°C lifestyle by changing one of your food, fashion or travel habits for one week.

Inspire others to take the challenge by posting about your experience and using the hashtag #MyEUClimatePact.

Here are some ideas


Want to get involved, but need more inspiration?

Influencers around the EU are taking part in the #MyEUClimatePact Challenge.

See how they’re making changes to their lifestyles below!

Debela Barbara, 29, Croatia

When little hands come together, anything is possible!

Fashion challenge
Debela Barbara

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Marko Vuletić, 23, Croatia

I chose this challenge to encourage myself to do something new, something that is good for the environment and thus encourage my followers to try and participate in the challenge.

Food challenge
Marko Vuletić

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Henry, 21, Italy

I’m ready to take part in this challenge, I'll change the world ONE hand at a time!

Fashion challenge

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Sebastiano Fighera, Italy

I’m excited to show my followers easy ways to be more sustainable in everyday life. It’s something I’ve always cared and talked about, but it’s even more exciting now doing with the European Commission on my side!

Fashion challenge

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Ginevra Iorio, 28, Italy

I want to join the challenge because I’m willing to “test” myself!

Food challenge
Ginevra Iorio

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Kim Lewin, 23, France

I'm joining the challenge because I'm trying to be a better person related to climate change and I want to change my bad habits and be a better citizen! I expect myself to keep on going with little challenges I give to myself such as reusing food, reusing clothes, going vintage/secondhand shopping. This is the perfect start!

Food challenge
Kim Lewin

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Juliette Pinet, 25, France

I have always been very close to nature and concerned about my impact on the environment and global warming. I took up the #MyEUClimatePact challenge to prove to my community that there is no such thing as a small gesture in terms of ecology!

Food challenge
Juliette Pinet

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Dimitris, 24, Greece

I took part in this challenge to show everyone including myself that a small change for me can be a significant change for the planet. We owe it to future generations to deliver the earth better than we received it!

Food challenge


Maria Kofou, 35, Greece

Travelling full-time can be challenging in terms of generated carbon footprint, and taking part in this challenge will make me reconsider, rethink and take actions for a greener travel lifestyle while I am on the road.

Travel challenge
Maria Kofou

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Barbara Schoumacher, 26, Belgium

For a few years now I have been trying to integrate sustainable fashion into my shopping habits and to promote it to my followers. So it makes sense to propose a sustainable fashion challenge like the one proposed by the European Commission on my Instagram.

Fashion challenge
Barbara Schoumacher

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