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Transforming cities together: a public engagement guide for cities

This guide will help your city on its journey to become inclusive and sustainable through public engagement. 


11 juli 2022
WWF | Civocracy


WWF and Civocracy designed the Transforming cities together guide to help city planners to increase public engagement in their city. The guide gathers tips, experiences and ideas to shape public engagement in cities. 

Public engagement is highly beneficial to policymakers as citizens can help them to create and implement smart and efficient strategies for sustainable cities. 

The guide is divided in three parts and covers: 

  • Five key factors for success in creating a good approach to public engagement, 

  • Examples of good practices from WWF’s One Planet City Challenge partners and other cities on how they engaged their public, 

  • Questions to consider while designing an approach to public engagement in a city. 

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11 JULI 2022
Public engagement guide for cities
(6.41 MB - PDF)
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