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Stories from 2050

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Data publikacji
28 wrzesień 2022
Komisja Europejska


Stories from 2050 is an exploratory project aiming to enable its readers as well as policymakers to imagine futures beyond the usual thinking. Through a series of participatory workshops and an open engagement platform, Stories from 2050 collected what activist communities, stakeholders and citizens think, feel and say about our shared futures, with a focus on sustainability opportunities and challenges associated with the European Green Deal.  

In the booklet, twenty-one challenging stories depict drivers of change, future challenges and consequences of failure as hints to design new policies.  

Stories are divided in five themes that will help to understand the real impacts of the European Green Deal: 

  • Food and agriculture

  • Oceans

  • Climate change

  • Sustainability and technology

  • Social change


CC European Union 2021


28 WRZESIEŃ 2022
Stories from 2050
(22.59 MB - PDF)