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European Climate Pact

Youth Voices Platform

Experience the first ever voice recording platform of the European Commission, entirely dedicated to youth!

Our mission is to empower young Europeans from all backgrounds to shape the future of Europe by voicing their own vision of this future loud and clear. Be it on the issues of employment, peace and security, climate change, education, inclusion, or mental health, we are eager to hear young voices, ideas, and aspirations.

No matter how small or big your visions are, we will listen carefully to reflect on them and take them into account for future policy decisions. Throughout the European Year of Youth 2022 we will regularly pick up your recorded topics and questions, by connecting with you directly via our Social Media channels and starting discussions via comments and live events.

During this experience we will as well connect you to all the existing EU youth programmes and initiatives, allowing you to unlock your fullest potential as a young individual.

At the end of the year, all your recorded voices will have created the solidified “Voice of the European Youth”, presented on stage at the big European Year of Youth Closing Event on 6th December 2022 in the European Parliament in Brussels. So that all these valuable insights we were able to gather from your contribution will create a meaningful guideline for shaping the future of our European society.

While this voice platform has been created to mark the European Year of Youth 2022, its ambition spans beyond 2022. We strongly believe that young citizens of Europe are our most powerful catalysts for change, and we want to empower them to actively participate in shaping the future of our European society.

Experience the platform today!

Author: European Commission, European Year of Youth