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European Climate Pact

Teacher’s climate guide

This education package is a comprehensive resource for teachers to mainstream climate change in their school subject. 

Observations and studies suggest that misconceptions about climate change are common among teachers. Although climate change is a multidisciplinary phenomenon linking organically to all school subjects, often subject teachers seem to think it is not for them to explore it in class. Also, textbooks often promote inadequate ideas about the topic. 

Teacher’s climate guide is an education package for subject teachers. It explains climate change in the context of each school subject, provides exercises and visual material and contains tips for multidisciplinary climate education and tips for integrating climate change in education. 

The English translation is for international use and aimed at teachers around the world. The guide was originally made for Finnish subject teachers, and therefore Finland is often used as an example. Also, the school subjects for this guide were chosen according to the Finnish education system, but teachers in other countries are free to adapt the material to fit their own needs. 

The texts and exercises are available for teachers, environmental educators and those interested in the topic at no monetary cost. The material is licensed under the CC BY-NC licence, which grants the right to copy, distribute, display and perform the work for non-commercial purposes as long as appropriate credit is given. The visual material is from Flickr and licensed under Creative Commons which is freely available. 

Authors: Maj and Tor Nessling Foundation, Sitra


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