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European Climate Pact

Climate communication


Communications toolkit

Want to help spread the word and inspire others to join the Climate Pact? Here you’ll find everything you’ll need to communicate about the Pact to your audience.

Mobility Communication Toolkit

Want to make your move for the climate and spread the message among your network? Here are some useful documents with relevant material, suggestions, and tips and tricks to help you communicate about sustainable mobility.

Day of Action toolkit

Here you can find all the information you need to promote the Climate Pact Day of Action.


Artists for Climate

The Climate Collection is a unique collection of open-license visuals that inspire climate action. The art works are available for everyone who strives to shift the global narrative of the climate crisis towards a brighter future.

Climate Visuals

If you need visuals that inspire people to act on climate, the Climate Visuals website and image library provides is worth having a look.

The Climate Question podcast

BBC’s podcast is not about questioning whether climate change is happening, but about finding the best ways to respond to it.

Don’t Look Up toolkit

Action toolkit, proposing different actions for individuals to engage with the Climate Pact initiative via the Don’t Look Up movie, and take action.

Guide against greenwashing

Unsure how your company can stand up for climate or whether a company is sincere in its climate actions? This guide lists ten best practices to avoid greenwashing in corporate communications.

Learning lab: Climate solutions

Climate Solutions are inspiring solutions stories presented by journalists around the world to help envision and build a more equitable and sustainable world.

One Day in 2050

Join a collaborative project for climate change activation and write a news from 2050.

Stories from 2050

Have a look how storytelling can be a powerful tool to explore alternative climate futures.