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LIFE URBAN ADAPT – Rotterdam’s work on climate adaptation

Rotterdam was the first major European city with an established climate adaptation strategy in 2001. This complex process requires good cooperation with all relevant stakeholders to implement effective measures. LIFE Urban Adapt wants to show the potential of this participatory approach for implementing urban climate adaptation strategies and measures. 

Rotterdam as a world port city will be deeply affected by climate change. The LIFE Urban Adapt is therefore working on three main challenges: 

  • An increased risk of flooding due to intensive rainfall and rising sea water levels. 

  • Elevated temperatures caused by the urban heat island effect (UHI).  

  • Damage to flora and fauna on land and in water. 

Rotterdam received funding from the EU LIFE programme to develop two innovative and sustainable projects that are intended to absorb climate change thanks to climate adaptation. 

You can learn more on the projects by watching the videos on tidal parks in the Meuse as well as the inner-city area of Zoho

A blueprint has also been published to help cities engage in climate adaptation.  

AuthorWWF, Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure, Municipality of Rotterdam, Province South-Holland 

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