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European Climate Pact

Climate awareness

10 Must Knows from biodiversity science

Protecting nature is as important as other climate change actions to fight climate change. The Leibniz Research Network Biodiversity gathered 10 Must Knows on biodiversity.

Climateka (BG)

Climateka is a platform on climate science explained by experts in an interactive and accessible manner

Climate Fresk

Follow this interactive workshop to learn about climate change causes and consequences based on scientific evidence collected by the Intergovernmental Panel for Climate Change (IPCC).

Climate Time Machine

Interested to discover how the climate crisis will affect you and what you can do about it starting today?

En-ROADS Climate Solution Simulator

En-ROADS is a freely available online simulator enabling you to test and explore cross-sector climate solutions by exploring the impact of thirty policies.

The Europeans: Fleeing Climate Change

The Europeans is an award-winning podcast looking at politics and culture around the continent. The podcast is hosted by Katy Lee, a journalist based in Paris, and Dominic Kraemer, an opera singer living in Amsterdam.


Install GLUP GLUP and find out about areas that will be flooded in 2100 every time you cross one.

How to deal with climate disinformation

Desinformation tactics are becoming more sophisticated when it comes to climate change. Learn about media literacy and how to recognize and deal with misinformation.

How to reach 1.5 Degree lifestyle

Limiting the increase in global temperature requires action on demand and lifestyle changes. The project EU 1.5-degree lifestyles is here to provide data, raise awareness and offer policy solutions!

Life Tree Check App

Check, care, collect trees: download LIFE Tree Check app to recognize, help and start collecting trees!