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European Climate Pact

Waste prevention and recycling in the EU

Did you know that each European citizen generates around 11g of textile waste annually? Find out more about waste prevention and recycling options. 

The European Environment Agency (EEA) produced a report on ‘Progress towards preventing waste in Europe — the case of textile waste prevention’ as well as a briefing on ‘Linking cross-border shipments of waste in the EU with the circular economy’ to address the topics of waste prevention and recycling in Europe. 

The report finds out that the best waste management policy is to reduce waste by developing waste prevention. EEA draws an overview on prevention programmes in the Member States to reduce waste generation. 

For already produced waste, the briefing examines the trade in recyclable waste between EU Member States and shows ways to green the process. The briefing offers insights and potential solutions to help ensure that waste is treated in the best possible way, according to the waste hierarchy principles.

Author: European Environment Agency