Направо към основното съдържание
European Climate Pact


Among the consequences of the climate change is the rise in sea level. This increase will result in the disappearance of beaches, marshes and wetlands, coastal flooding, shoreline erosion, brackish water intrusion and significant economic damage.  

The project GLUP GLUP aims to raise awareness among the population through the creation of the GLUP-GLUP mobile application, which generates a notification when the person is in an area that will be flooded by the sea in the year 2100. When you click on this notification, the application takes you to a web page designed to provide more information about climate change.  

Raising awareness through mobile phones has been identified as the most effective way to create environmental awareness and GLUP GLUP is counting on this to encourage people to take climate action. 

You can download the application here

Author: Ana Belén Yuste and Luis Miguel López-Privado 

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