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European Climate Pact

Citizen engagement

Climate solutions 101

Climate solutions 101 is a free online course on climate actions you can take to help us achieve a climate neutral Europe.

Consumer Footprint Calculator

The European Commission recently unveiled this calculator as a solution to accurately measure our carbon footprint and identify where we can make meaningful changes to our lifestyles.


Ecosia is a search engine which allows you to plant trees through your searches.

Energy Shift

Interested in solar energy? Here is the online platform created by Climate Pact Ambassador Filip Koprčina that enables citizens to co-own solar platforms and actively engage in the green energy transition.

Peer Parliaments documents

Do you have ideas on how to tackle climate change and want to discuss these in your communities? The Climate Pact’s “Peer Parliaments” provide the tools to do so!

Take the JUMP

Take the jump by trying six shifts to protect our Earth and live a simpler, more meaningful and fulfilling life.