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European Climate Pact

u.lab podcasts: Climate Pact Ambassadors' Societal Transformation Hub and Sensing Journeys

Climate Pact Ambassadors’ Societal Transformation Hub is a community of over 200 Climate Pact Ambassadors, who joined Presencing Institute’s u.lab 1x & 2x, beginning September 2021. Currently the cohort is prototyping 18 climate action projects, spanning from low-threshold climate actions, through academic education programmes to stakeholder engagement in just transition in coal regions. This Hub is the first time the European Commission joins the u.lab cycle hoping to equip a cohort of climate advocates with tools for awareness-based systemic action. 

  1. Climate Pact Ambassadors' u.lab Hub Podcast

In this podcast you can hear Katarzyna Balucka-Debska from DG CLIMA at the European Commission, Marina Kovari, a climate advocate developing a multi-sectoral policy-making effort from SlowFood Bologna and Kamal Tribak from an initiative "Plus 1 Minus 1" supporting incremental lifestyle changes for climate talk about our learning journeys and resulting from it work with systems, as they transition from the "old" to a "new". 

 2. Sensing journey 

The Climate Pact Ambassadors’ Societal Transformation Hub invited EU-based climate action projects to join an hour-long Sensing Conversation, aiming to make visible what is currently happening in the region. 

AuthorKarolina Iwa and Presencing Institute 

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