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Знаме на Европейския съюз Знаме на Европейския съюз
European Climate Pact

DOPPELPLUS Campaign: Climate protection even on the tightest budget

One of the finalists of LIFE awards 2022, the project DoppelPlus is a climate action campaign for low-income households in the Tyrol region in Austria. The project aims to help low-income and vulnerable houses at raising their living standards and reducing their energy bills. 

By taking advantage of personalised coaching, individuals in low-income households receive valuable tips on mitigating climate change and a free energy efficiency and climate change mitigation starter package. In addition, there are other customised measures such as ‘train-the-trainer programmes,’ information campaigns and the teaching of environment basics in German language courses for beginners. 

AuthorKlimabündnis Tirol, komm!unity Wörgl, Caritas Tirol, alpS GmbH and Energie Tirol 

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