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European Climate Pact

Consumer Footprint Calculator

The European Commission recently unveiled this calculator as a solution to accurately measure our carbon footprint and identify where we can make meaningful changes to our lifestyles. 

Making a difference in the fight against climate change can only be achieved if we all take steps to decarbonise our lifestyles. But what does that mean in practice and what kind of impact does it make? Which areas of our lives are having a minimal effect on the climate, and where are our weak points? The good news is that there is a way to answer these questions – thanks to the Consumer Footprint Calculator (CFC)!

The Calculator draws on ten years of JRC scientific research, and, as a result, provides a thorough and science-based glimpse into the environmental impact of consumption patterns. The CFC considers five areas of individual and household consumption: food, mobility, housing, household appliances, and household goods – but it goes beyond just calculating greenhouse gas emissions. It also looks at sixteen different ways that products that we use on a regular basis can have an environmental impact, such as how we directly consume them, but also the impact of the land and water used to produce them – among other things.

AuthorJoint Research Centre (JRC)