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European Climate Pact

Adapting to climate change in European cities: Towards smarter, swifter & more systemic action

Where should local and regional governments direct their efforts for a more resilient future? This paper is designed to support decision-makers and technical staff working on climate change adaptation and resilience. 

Following the release of the EU strategy on Adaptation to Climate Change in 2021, the Covenant of Mayors published this paper to help decision-makers and technical staff working on climate change adaptation and resilience in local and regional governments. 

The publication is divided into four chapters: 

  1. The EU policy landscape
  2. Smarter adaptation: improving knowledge and managing uncertainty
  3. More systemic adaptation: support policy development at all levels and sectors
  4. Faster adaptation: Speeding up adaptation across the board 5.1 Mission on ‘Adaptation to Climate Change’ 

Author: The Covenant of Mayors for Climate & Energy - Europe office


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