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European Climate Pact

Register a satellite event

Reflecting the wealth and diversity of climate action in Europe, the Commission is inviting individuals, businesses or civil society organisations to organise Climate Pact satellite events following the launch event.

These events will allow for discussions in various languages in order to reach out to local communities, focus on specific topics or highlight the role of particular groups or sectors in the Climate Pact.

Why organise a satellite event?

Organising a Climate Pact satellite event gives you the opportunity to:

  • share your ideas and debate solutions with your community, decision-makers and the general public
  • show your and/or your organisation’s active role in the European Climate Pact at its very start
  • gain EU-wide online visibility by having your event published on the Climate Pact website and promoted on social media as part of the event programme
  • broaden your outreach and invite new networks to your event.

What kind of events are eligible?

Satellite events can address many topics and audiences, as long as the activity clearly goes along the objectives and values of the Pact. We are particularly interested in events related to the involvement of citizens in climate action and building a greener Europe.

A Climate Pact satellite event can be organised by citizens, non-profit organisations, universities, public bodies, city networks, trade and industry organisations, businesses, consumer associations and others.

Climate Pact satellite events should:

  • be non-profit, open to the public and have no admission fees
  • aim to attract a minimum of 10 people.

Please note that:

  • The registration form must be submitted in clear, standard English.
  • The organisation promoting the event must not be involved in the production or the promotion of any products, actions or events that are potentially harmful to citizens.
  • Satellite events may be part of an existing project, programme or promotional activity. However, your entry should focus on a specific event taking place during the time period indicated.
  • There is no EU funding available for organising a Climate Pact satellite event, nor referrals to potential sponsors. We are also not providing organisational support.

What happens to my event after I submit?

We review your entry to verify that all the necessary information has been submitted and that your event meets the criteria.

If anything is missing or unclear, you will receive an email asking for further information.

If the information in the form is complete and your event is eligible, your event will be published on the Pact website.

Please register your event at least two weeks before the event, to allow us to assess your entry and get back to you if any adjustments are needed.

The European Commission reserves the right to select the satellite events to be published based on an overall consideration of the objectives, values and ongoing development of the initiative.

Interested in organising a satellite event?