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European Climate Pact
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We create access to clean energy, an intact environment and an increase in the quality of life so that everyone can live in their home

 - The Zenaga Foundation's promise as an organization for climate protection and sustainable development is multifaceted:

 - we will reduce our own emissions as much as possible, measure and offset unavoidable emissions, as part of the UN Climate Neutral Now initiative.

 - we are a role model. Under office is in an energy plus house and we use a climate neutral e-car.

 - we implement several climate protection projects every year, e.g. reforestation, renewable energies, etc.

 - we inform adults through lectures and other types of information and do educational work in the fields of climate and environmental protection.

 - we share experiences in climate protection, renewable energies, project management, etc. and organizational experiences in Germany, Europe and in developing countries.

 - we show ways for people, companies and government levels to become more climate friendly.

We lead by example. Every year, we prepare a carbon footprint of the Zenaga Foundation and offset unavoidable emissions through the UN initiative "Climate Neutral Now" - so we are already carbon neutral today and will continue to do so year after year in the future. Through our climate protection projects, in which we are not able to create a carbon footprint for cost reasons (reforestation, use of renewable energies), we are in fact more than just climate neutral - we will also continue this year after year.

Status date: Submitted (13/08/2020)

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