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World Cleanup Day Germany



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Have a target to reduce water pollution

Our common goal is to activate at least 5 percent of the population on World Cleanup Day and to sensitize decision-makers, business and politics to the problem of plastic pollution on our earth through their commitment. 

Every 3rd Saturday in September, let's cleanup for 2 hours and that once a year. Together with the whole world we therefore call for World Cleanup Day!

The "World Cleanup Day (WCD)" is a project of the citizens' movement "Let's Do It! World ”, which was created in Estonia in 2008, when 50,000 people worked together to rid the entire country of illegally disposed trash in one day. In 2019, 21 million people worldwide took part in the “WCD”. With their cleanups they set a strong example for a clean, healthy and plastic-free environment. Linked to: Let's Do It World Network

Status date:  Submitted (30/11/2021)

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