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We Play Green is an independent and non-profit global football movement established by the professional footballer Morten Thorsby. 

Sustainability Mission 

The global football family is the 5 billion people around the globe that play and support football. We define the “Green Shift” as the transition to a sustainable world whose economy, infrastructure, and societal actions align with the UN's planet Sustainability Development Goals (“SDGs”). The Green Shift is possible and urgently needed, but it is short on public support. Our purpose is to mobilize the global football family to build the support needed. 


Pathway: WPG pledges to mobilize the global football family in creating support for the Green Shift - Our target is to have 50 WPG players by the end of 2025. 

  • We pledge to do this by recruiting professional football players (male and female) to be WPG “Team Players”. We train and support our Team Players in using their platforms to be climate and environmental advocates and leaders within their local communities, clubs, and internationally so that they can be the positive influence that creates momentum for the Green Shift. 

More information on the target: 

  • WPG’s activities require educating, training, and supporting players about this topic so they can efficiently reach and motivate their wide audiences in supporting the Green Shift. 
  • Our players will be offered a “player program” which provides them with a sustainability curriculum, and social media training and support. By properly informing the players on the environmental and climate crises and providing them with support on how to use their social platforms in speaking about these issues, mass climate and environmental awareness and engagement from the global football family will follow. 
  • Along with social media support, WPG will also provide players with opportunities to collaborate with and in local and international partners and events. This includes local fieldwork for the players’ clubs or communities, podcasts, panels, and relevant media presences that focus on creating support for the Green Shift. 
  • Lastly, our players involvement off the pitch can be complimented on the pitch by having the option to change their playing number to 2. This number change references the 2015 Paris climate agreement that states global warming must be kept well under 2 degrees. This will increase awareness of the 2-degree global warming limit every time the player is on the pitch, and will therefore be a constant reminder for fans, clubs, sponsors, businesses, and other players to take action. 
  • We would like the mention that we are also in the process of working with a carbon footprint tracking tool/company, Ducky, which we will implement in our Player Program when ready. This will eventually allow us to track some behavioral changes. 

Status date: Submitted  

Data source: Self reported