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European Climate Pact



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Pathway pledges


Reduce it and act against it: We aim to reduce carbon footprint and increase handprint to act together and change the policies. 

Turkey has recently signed the Paris Agreement, however, we are still don't know what to do regarding carbon emissions. That is why we need to create awareness to act rapidly. We need to come together with the other CSOs and coordinate with each other. We need to take solid actions with young people and encourage them to move collaboratively:
- Increasing the awareness and knowledge about climate injustice and its effects on Turkey with online and physical training during 2021-2022. 
- Educating at least 100 youngsters in Turkey about carbon footprint and handprint. Creating a community that is diverse and internalised the personal solutions on climate change. 
- Creating a digital platform for youngsters to engage with CSOs until the end of 2022. 
- Encouraging young people to act collaboratively and influence decision-makers before the 2023 elections [in Turkey]. 

Status date: Submitted (13/10/2021)

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