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European Climate Pact
non-profit organisationTechnical University of Munich Campus Straubing

Technical University of Munich Campus Straubing





Construction, Financial services, Paper and forestry, Transport manufacture, management and services

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Pathway Pledges


This pledge aims at raising awareness of the new approaches towards redefining our technological society into a more sustainable one, in which our life quality is enhanced without losing technological comfort. In particular, we will teach the new trends to transform current technologies (energy, chemical production – pharmaceutics, polymer industry, etc. – lighting, medical, etc.) that make use of toxic, scarce, environmental unfriendly, and/or non-recyclable materials/processes into new sustainable versions using biological processes and/or biogenic functional materials with no CO2 footprint.

Safety, stability, and efficiency have driven our technological development as a society. Sustainability based on biological processes/materials with no carbon footprint is our next challenge at both, technology readiness and economic impact. This pledge will focus on several dissemination actions covering the general public (young generations and non-experts) and specialized communities (industry and academia). For instance, the ambassador has organized a satellite event “Protein-based materials: A sustainable solution for our technological world?” (1.10.2021), while TUM Campus Straubing will hold several talks and webinars for schools as well as to participate to the action “university for kids” in 2022. At the international level, TUM Campus Straubing plan to organize specialized summer/winter schools along 2022 and 2023 (at least 2), international conferences for industry/university audiences, and events related to the Global Bioeconomy Alliance (GBA), in which TUM Campus Straubing play a lead role. This pledge will be in line with the topics of discussion supporting /heralding the EU Climate Pact.

Status date: Submitted (09/12/2021)

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