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European Climate Pact
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In the process of implementing the Green Museum mission, we pledge to (i) enhance ecologically responsible thinking as well as (ii) work toward decreasing the Museum's carbon footprint.

We pledge to:

1) plant and take care of at least 300 trees anually with an aim to gradually decrease our institution's carbon footprint. This project is to be implemented in close technical cooperation with experts from the Municipal Forests company.

2) implement a project of re-directing tourists from using their car to walking along a pathway leading to our major open-air exhibition in the town's vicinity. We will implement the project in 2022, and assess its outcomes, i. e., to analyse the number of tourists who opted for walking instead of driving to the above mentioned exhibition site, at the end of the main tourist season (December 2022).

3) open 2 exhibitions of contemporary artists who address topics related to the critical state of our environment and the way humans relate to nature: March 25, we will open an exhibition of a young Slovak contemporary artist, Zofia Dubova. On her largesize canvases and glass sheets, she will present her sensitive paintings of landscape images & Summer 2022, we will open an exhibition of another young artist, Egle Budvytyte (Lithuania) who, in her videos, presents ways humans relate to nature.

4) organize 2 internal clothes exchange fairs for the Museum's employees: Spring and autumn exchange fair held in 2022.

5) hold a green swap event, where the Museum's employees can exchange house plants and any material and accessories needed for house plants' growing. Event to be held in summer 2022.

The organisation's motivation for making this pledge:

1) The Museum has a new team that is sensitive to the ongoing climate crisis, feeling the need to take an action to help mitigate its impacts.

2) The Slovak Mining Museum is working toward becoming the first Green Museum in Slovakia.

3) We wish to be a source of motivation for other organisations, local community, and individuals in general. We hope to be able to trigger changes in human thinking and increase people's sensitivity to the global climate crisis.

Status date:  Submitted (28/01/2022)

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