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General Information

“Rethink Your Clothes” is a Luxembourgish awareness campaign led by the NGO Fairtrade Lëtzebuerg and Caritas Luxembourg under a mandate by the Directorate for Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Affairs at the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs. The campaign aims to raise awareness about the social, environmental and economic issues of Fast Fashion and to promote sustainable and ethical alternatives such as second hand, Fairtrade and upcycling.


GHG Emissions

Our actions – the Pathway

  • To achieve the following goals by the end of mandated time – 3 years
  • Increase by 5% the number of shops selling Fairtrade certified textiles and by 30% de number of annual exhibitors at Lët’z Refashion Centre    "
  • Increase the number of visitors of the Lëtz Refashion Centre, so that 20% of residents mention it as a player in sustainable and ethical fashio
  • Increase by 10% private and public purchases of Fairtrade certified textiles in Luxembourg
  • Increase by 20% the number of activities run at Lët’z Refashion Centre (e.g. sewing, repairing and upcycling workshops, lunch talks, conferences etc.)
  • Get 10 public administrations to choose Fairtrade certified workwear or promotional wear
  • Accomplish the Fairtrade certification of 3 local designers
  • "Run at least 30 educational workshops on the issues of Fast Fashion and sustainable and ethical alternatives in Luxembourg’s high schools
  • Organise at least five events around fast fashion alternatives (e.g. Fair Fashion Days, second-hand market, clothes swap, designer market)
  • Support and promote at least 10 initiatives per year (second-hand markets, events of designers, exhibitions, etc.)

Status date: Submitted (05/07/2022)

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