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Agricultural commodities, Food, beverage and tobacco

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Pathway pledges

Nature-based solutions

Organization Earth pledges to increase nature based solutions in Greek cities, while engaging citizens to adopt a sustainable lifestyle. 

Organization Earth pledges to create 15 "pocket parks" by the end of 2022, approximately 5000 sq. meters of urban green areas.. In cooperation with local municipalities in the greater Attica Region, the goal is to transform abandoned public spaces into urban green parks. The goal being to increase urban green spaces and engage local communities through workshops and trainings regarding climate neutrality in cities, urban farming, sustainable lifestyles and social inclusion. Until October 2021, Organization Earth has created 6 "pocket parks" in 4 municipalities in the greater Athens metropolitan area, equating to approximately 2600 sqm of urban green areas. 

Organization Earth, from its earliest years, has focused on environmental education for citizens, in order to emphasize the importance of sustainable lifestyles. However, in urban settings, it is easy to get disconnected from nature, and "forget" the importance of environmental health. Hence, our latest project emphasizes on creating these small urban green areas, to engage with local communities in environmental and urban issues.

Status date: Submitted (22/10/2021)

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