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European Climate Pact
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Carbon Emissions (or CO2e)

We pledge not to take any flights when traveling in connection with our work (for example to a conference or a meeting abroad), instead we choose to travel by train, bus or car sharing. 

Our organisation, the Green Policy Center operates mainly in the online sphere, therefore our emissions are moderate. Founded in April, 2020 amid Covid restrictions, we haven't had many opportunities to travel abroad either, since most of the conferences were online. However as the situation mildens, invitations abroad are coming up, therefore our emissions that would otherwise be minimal, increase significantly. Therefore we would like to plede not to take a flight abroad related to the Green Policy Center. Instead, we pledge to go by train, bus or car sharing. By 2030, our flights within Europe should be zero under normal circumstances (detailed below). For a start, we aim to take alternative travelling methods if it takes less than 15 hours. Should we get an invitation from a site further away, it will get an ad hoc assessment, bearing in mind our 2030 goal.

Whenever we participate in a conference abroad where we travel as the representatives of the Green Policy Center, we decided to go by a more sustainable way, if possible. The latter means that if the net time spent on travelling takes more than 15 hours, we would still chose an airplane. From Budapest, where we mainly reside, this is solvable for most Central-Eastern European cities, to where our actio radius extends. By 2030, we pledge not to take any flights within Europe, related to the Green Policy Center, solely under
specific circumstances (in case of emergency, or when other traveling methods are unavailable). Until 2030, we aim to extend the 15 hours gradually, based on ad hoc assessment.

One of the public critiques the COP26 and many other climate or environment-related conferences got is that many participants visited the sites via plane, even though they could have used other traveling ways. We are aware that the individual acts are negligible compared to emissions by industries or countries. However this is a symbolic act showing that we aim to take the issue seriously not only in our activities at our organisation, but at the individual level as well.

Status date: Submitted (28/12/2021)

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