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non-profit organisationGents Milieufront

Gents Milieufront




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Pathway pledges


In 2022 we plan to create (ourselves, with our organisation) at least 500 vertical front gardens all over the city of Ghent + we inform and encourage the citizens of Ghent to do it themselves, too!

We don't know the exact translation for 'geveltuinen', so we created the name vertical front garden. These gardens can be vreated almost everywhere in the city. It has a positive impact on possibilities for water infiltration, biodiversity, cooling/coolness during hot summers, air quality, social coherence and it just looks very nice, too. We are very experienced in creating vertical front gardens, we already created many hundreds of them before. This is a very hands-on pledge, something we really can do and with visibility for everybody in the city. As a non-profit environmental organisation we do much more things on climate action level, this is just a tiny part, but it is truly visible, hands-on and measurable.

Status date: Submitted (21/10/2021)

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