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European Climate Pact
société sans but lucratifCircular Economy Research Center (CERC)

Circular Economy Research Center (CERC)

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Education and research

Sustainability Mission

The Circular Economy Research Center (CERC), leveraging on its research capacity, acknowledged the substantial gap between the skills required for the transition to the circular economy and the currently available skills. It commits to exchanging knowledge to enhance the collective efforts to hedge this gap. This commitment will also serve to respond to the initiative of the European commission “Pact of skills”, launched 10 November 2021 under the European Skills Agenda aiming at upskilling and reskilling the workforce in Europe. CERC aims to advocate at the national and international level to promote research-driven skills and education on multiple levels and domains of circular economy to raise awareness on the necessity of educating the existing workforce and facilitating the efforts required for the green and digital transition.

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Committed to cutting edge research to enhance collective efforts to upskilling and reskilling the workforce in Europe towards climate action

The target is to organise at least two virtual gatherings with relevant stakeholders, as well as to use different social media channels to create posts and awareness campaigns. The idea is to create social media posts to raise awareness about climate change and actions that can be taken to reduce our footprint. Creating posts and initiating campaigns will enable sharing knowledge with the international community specifically with developing countries. We are targetting countries like Bolivia for which I’ve created a page on Facebook that I am updating regularly. Visibility through social media channels will help us promote climate action by providing examples and research-based knowledge thus raising awareness about the climate crisis. Training sessions will help us raise awareness and nudge to take action. The SmartShip project ( aims to offer a multi-layer optimization in the fields of fuel consumption, energy efficiency and emissions control management, in full respect to the implementation of the requirements of maritime sector regulations and taking into account applications of circular economy concepts in the maritime. Target audience within SmartShip: researchers and innovation managers from the European maritime industry, representatives of national regulators and the interested public. The target for social media posts is the design and publication of at least 10 posts. The startup Circular Economy Alliance (CEA) ( aims to train, upskill and retrain thousands of professionals as they get inducted into the world of the circular economy and the opportunities that it presents. Target audience within CEA: employees and job seekers, large companies, SMEs, startups, policymakers, academics, and public institutions. The target for social media posts is the design and publication of at least 10 posts. The target for training sessions is to take advantage of the training and material development activities of CERC in the SmartShip project. We will organise training about the public impact and societal challenges of SmartShip. Training material will be developed in the fields of combining CE principles towards optimization in the maritime sector. Training target audience: Ecole des Ponts Business School, and DANAOS management staff, as well as lectures from external, invited experts.

Status date: Submitted (18/01/2022)

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