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European Climate Pact
ühiskondlik organisatsioon

Cancer Prevention Research Group in Greece (CPRGGreece)

Organisation type

We are pledging to taking actions to, of any form, to protect the environment as an NGO to be completed by November 2023:


  • Have a target to reduce plastic consumption
  • Promote the EU Ecolabel with our clients, customers and/or suppliers
  • Have an employee engagement strategy to support and contribute to achieving the organization’s climate and environmental goals


More information on the target:

• Within a defined time-period we will organize online and live meetings, in order to inform - through live presentations from hygienists, health promoters, dietitians, doctors - about the effects of plastic abuse, both on the environment and on Human Health. We will link this information to the incidence of cancer and give the public practical advice on reducing plastic consumption, based on what applies in the EU and Greece. At the end, we will distribute a self-evaluation form to the audience, so we can check statistically how many understood what they learned. We will publish these statistics, as well as any other related questionnaire research we may do as an NGO for cancer prevention and the environment.

• We will include a hyperlink for EU ECOLABEL on our website so that all our visitors are informed about EU "green products". We will also regularly publish information about EU ECOLABEL products through our social media. In addition, we will inform about these products in all the conferences, webinars, workshops and presentations that we will implement. We will share this information with each of our members, and through paper or online updates. This action has no time limit, we can do it continuously with the aim of increasing the use of EU Ecolabel products! Importantly, our members are mostly 18-34 years old, so the younger generation will have a leading role in learning about green products!

• Both to the BoD Members of the NGO, and to our hundreds of volunteers, we will set basic instructions for climate protection. We are already implementing many of them and will increase others. For example, but not limited to, (a) avoiding diesel cars and replacing them with walking or cycling (we have almost all of our actions online, which helps with this); (b) reducing the use of plastic equipment and non-recyclable products and (c) reducing the use of paper (all our processes will be done online, with no materials required), (d) we will regularly send an pledge form to our Board members - like an agreement between the members of the NGO - where they will agree to transfer the value of environmental protection to other people!