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European Climate Pact




Organisation type
City and town

General Information

The City of Písek and Voda a zeleň v Písku, z.s. are joining forces to reduce the City's emissions and mitigate their impact on the climate. For more information on the organizations/pledge please reach out to,

Partners: City of Písek (local government), Voda a zeleň v Písku, z.s.


Today, the city must first and foremost learn to manage energy efficiently and increase the share of renewable energy. The first step is the aforementioned ISO 50 001 certification, which will be completed in 2023. Next, the city needs to develop an energy concept, which will be included in the city's strategic plan. We hope that this step will be taken in 2025 when the new master plan of the city will be created. GHG emissions also need to be included in that plan and measurable indicators need to be set.

Status date: Submitted (21/12/2022)

Data source: Biografia - Inspeção Regional do Ambiente


2023 - ISO 50 001 certification

2024 - development of the city's energy concept

2025 - implementing GHG emissions in the city's master plan and subsequent monitoring of indicators

2030 - Reduce CO2 emissions by at least 41% compared to 2015


The climate is changing and everyone has to do their bit. We are all about drawing new knowledge from other cities and sharing good but also negative experiences in this area.